Appleseed cluster of 4 Macintosh G3 computersEric Richey
President of the Forest Lake Area Technology Team (F.L.A.T.T.) at Forest Lake Senior High School, Forest Lake, Minnesota, writes:
Our computer club received three iMacs (two Rev. C, and one Rev. B), and I 
built a G3 from parts. Our school purchased an iMac for the school library 
(and now has 4 of the 6 flavors) We decided to use the four older G3s in the 
library and the schools new iMac in the library for our projects

In total we have 9 G3s (the club owns the G3 built from parts and three iMacs 
and the school allows us to use four desktop G3s and their iMac). The room that 
the computer club is based out of is also an Assistive Learning Classroom, the 
students in there had a fun time setting up the iMacs.

After school the computer club guys got to work and in a half and hour we had 
all the G3s running the Fractal Demo. So Assistive Learning computers and 
library computers by day and parallel super computer after school. We are 
working on some basic programs to do Julia & Mandlebrot Fractals 
on the G3s, I'll let you know how it goes.

It has been a great adventure that your web site has inspired. We are using the 
G3s to learn more programming and MPI so one day we can run our programs 
on Crays when we go to college.  We would like to be able to contact other high 
schools interested in parallel computing and to trade 
results, experience, and tips with their students.

Eric Richey <>

update: June 7, 1999

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