High-performance MacMPI software utilizing AltiVec, a.k.a. the Velocity Engine, and TCP/IP:
G4 Logo AltiVec Fractal Demo IP (86 kB) - A version of the Interactive Fractal Demo that uses the Velocity Engine, a.k.a. AltiVec, for its computations. This code will also compute correctly on non-G4's. This code uses the MacMPI_IP.c library for its communcations and requires MacOS 8.5 or later. (see below).  (To Internet Explorer users: Read This)
fingerThis code has achieved 1.5 GigaFlops on a G4/450, 6 GigaFlops on four G4/450's, and 22 GigaFlops on 16 G4/400's. Your results may vary. (benchmarks

Additional configuration instructions beyond the AppleSeed Recipe:
If your computer is already configured for normal Internet access, you're done. If not, you will need to use the TCP/IP control panel to connect via Ethernet and to manually configure your Mac's IP address. Each Mac needs a different address. The numbers through are recommended for private networks.

NOTE: You must use the latest (March 2000 or later) versions of the Launch Den Mother and Launch Puppy for automated launching of executables compiled with MacMPI_IP.

To write your own MacMPI software utilizing Open Transport TCP/IP, you need:
For Fortran: Absoft Fortran 77 compiler For C: Absoft or Metrowerks ANSI C compiler
MacMPI_IP.f  a Fortran subset of MPI
     based on Open Transport TCP/IP  (4/26/00)
MacMPI_IP.c  a C subset of MPI
     based on Open Transport TCP/IP  (4/26/00)
mpif.h, include file for MacMPI.f mpi.h, include file for MacMPI.c

These MPI libraries require MacOS 8.5 or later and need to be linked with the following MacOS libraries:
"{PPCLibraries}"OpenTransportAppPPC.o "{PPCLibraries}"OpenTptAtalkPPC.o
"{SharedLibraries}"OpenTransportLib "{SharedLibraries}"OpenTptAppleTalkLib "{SharedLibraries}"OpenTptInternetLib

nodelist, a sample nodelist file for TCP/IP, needed when starting MacMPI_IP executables manually

Other MacMPI software for Macintosh

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update: June 26, 2000