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Do It Yourself
Recipe IconHow to Build an AppleSeed
       a one-page recipe for constructing a Macintosh cluster

Recommended software (what we use to keep 'em running):
"Most innovative commercial software" - IEEE Cluster 2001 Conference
Pooch IconPooch
       an application that assists in starting MacMPI_IP and MacMPI_X parallel executables

A fun way to test your system:
Parallel Fractal Demo IconAltiVec Fractal Carbon Demo (98 kB) 
       a MacMPI parallel graphics application demo which runs on an arbitrary number of G3s or G4s with OS 9 or X
fingerWith this program we've achieved 6 GFlop/sec on a cluster of four G4s!

Growing your own fruit:
Text Icon AppleSeed Development Page
       directions for writing your own parallel programs using the communications library MacMPI

Two brains are better than one:
Dual G4s Multiprocessing Development Page
       directions to simplify writing code for MP-equipped Macs

Don't stop now...:
Application Other MacMPI-based applications for Macintosh
       Additional parallel applications


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last update: May 19, 2003