Publicity about AppleSeed!

This Wired News article on AppleSeed describes some of the recent achievements, including a 1/5 TeraFlop result from a cluster of 76 Power Macs at USC, made by the AppleSeed authors while introducing the GigaHertz Power Macs. This article sparked an active discussion over on Slashdot.
  AppleSeed is featured on Apple's new site on Science and Technology. In this article, the AppleSeed authors describe their "totally hassle-free" parallel computer. You may view page 1 and page 2. The Research Tools section of the SciTech web site features an editorial by Dr. Viktor Decyk on scientific computing using the Macintosh platform.
  AppleSeed is in the cover article in the inaugural issue of Apple's higher-education newsletter, the Apple University Arts. This issue has been distributed at the CAUSE 1998 conference and the January 1999 MacWorld Expo conference. You can download the articles in that issue from Apple's AUA web site. In that issue, they also have a sidebar about Atom in a Box, written by Dean Dauger.

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On January 31, 2001, Shawn King of the the Mac Show Live interviewed AppleSeed author Dr. Viktor Decyk on scientific computing and parallel computing using the Macintosh platform. You may download a QuickTime movie of an excerpt from the live radio broadcast.
  This streaming video shows the question and answer session after a presentation we gave about AppleSeed.  We discussed issues regarding parallelization techniques.
  This article by Charles W. Moore at Low End Mac provides a nice and complete description of AppleSeed.
  This article by Kurt Starnes of AAPLTalk, a chat forum focused on real-time events related to stocks and investing, suggests connections between AppleSeed and Steve Jobs' vision for the future.
  This news article about Project Appleseed appeared on page 63 of the Fall 2000 issue of the UCLA Magazine.
  This news article about Project Appleseed appeared in the technical journal, IEEE Concurrency (April-June, 1999, pages 7-8).
  Connor W. Anderson of the Chicago Area Macintosh Users' Group wrote an article about AppleSeed entitled "MacOS Supercomputer", published on page 15 in the November 1998 issue of The Rest of Us newsletter.

update: November 6, 2000

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