This page lists other AppleSeed Clusters around the world. 
The individuals listed here have agreed to be contacted about their cluster.


Location: Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal
Contact: Luis O. Silva <>
Hardware: 16 dual processor G4/450
Project: Simulation of Extreme Plasma Physics
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran

The Laser and Plasma Group, Center of Plasma Physics.  The ep2 cluster is capable of delivering over 50 GFlops of peak power, and it is based on 16 Dual PowerPC G4/450, 32 processors, 12 Gigabytes of RAM, 0.5 Terabyte of hard disk space.  This is the fastest Macintosh-based cluster in the world.  They plan to use it for numerical simulation of plasmas, novel plasma particle acceleration schemes, and relativistic shocks in astrophysics.

Location: York University, Toronto, Canada
Contact: Roman Koniuk <>
Hardware: 1 G4/450 and 5 G3/300s
Project: Quantum Chromodynamics
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran

This cluster was created by Roman Koniuk and Chris Stewart at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at York University in Toronto, Canada. They are using the cluster to investigate an area of particle physics named Quantum Chromodynamics. Total time from arrival of equipment and software to executing parallel code: 3 leisurely days. This cluster was featured in an article by Apple Canada.

Location: University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin
Hardware: 6 G3/450s
Project: Medical Imaging
Development Environment: ?

Dept. of Medical Physics, Center for the Mathematical Sciences.  Facilities include 6 Macintosh G3/450's, and are used for intensive medical imaging and massive data analysis.  Initial tests show performance of 1.7 GFlops!

Location: National University of Colombia, Bogota, Columbia
Contact: Mario Armando Higuera Garzon <>
Hardware: 1 G3/400, 4 iMac/233s, 3  PowerBook G3/333s, 1 PowerPC 8500/120
Project: Astronomy
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran/Metrowerks C

Mario Armando Higuera at Observatorio Astronomico Nacional of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia tells us that they have built a cluster of four iMacs's and an 8500 and are implementing algorithms for matrix manipulation, Jacobi methods, and Fourier transforms. Several teachers and students are involved in the OAN Appleseed Cluster project, and they hope to expand with G3's in the future. Once their implementations are complete, they plan to address problems in celestial mechanics, astrophysics, and cosmology. This appears to be the first parallel Macintosh cluster in South America.

Location: NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio
Contact: Ray Hixon <>
Hardware: 13 dual processor Mac G4/450s, 2 G4/400s
Project: Computational Aeroacoustics
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran

R. Hixon and A. T. Norris said "The elapsed time from unpacking the machines to running an existing parallel computational aeroacoustics code on all 15 nodes was 14 hours, of which 8 hours were spent making connecting cables and configuring the switch.  Using the documentation from UCLA, each machine took approximately 10-15 minutes to configure once started.  From the first code run, the Macintosh cluster ran flawlessly.

Location: University of Maryland Medical School, Baltimore, Maryland
Hardware: 7 G3/300s?
Project: Medical Imaging
Development Environment: Metrowerks C

Moriel NessAiver at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is building a cluster of seven G3's for faster processing of raw data from Magnetic Resonance Imaging medical scans.

Location: UCLA Department of Statistics, Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Jan de Leeuw <>
Hardware: 16 Mac G4/400
Project: Education, Statistics
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran/C, Metrowerks C
  Location: Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
Contact: Dan Gordon <>
Hardware: 4 dual processor G4/450
Project: Laser Plasma Interaction, Plasma-based accelerators, and Free Electron Lasers
Development Environment: Metrowerks Code Warrior C++
  Location: Polymath Research, Inc., Pleasanton, CA
Contact: Bedros Afeyan <>
Hardware: 8 dual processor G4/450
Project: Laser Plasma Interactions
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran

Bedros Afeyan says that our work involves solving the kinetic equations that describe nonlinear optical processes in large scale length plasmas.  Our emphasis is on direct Vlasov solvers, Wigner/Schrodinger-Poisson systems, adaptive wavelet methods and comparison wth PIC codes.  We collaborate with scientists in Nancy, France, UCLA, SNL, LLNL, LANL, and NRL on these projects.  Speedup and compression using wavelet techniques is the first and foremost goal towards which we direct our research efforts.

Name: CIRC (Cochlear Implant Research Cluster)
Location: University of Iowa, Ames, Iowa
Contact: Jay T. Rubinstein <>
Hardware: 5 G4/500s
Project: Biophysical Numerical Simulation (Computational Hearing)
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran

Dr.  Jay Rubinstein, MD, PhD, is doing biophysical numerical simulations of the auditory nerve's response to electrical stimulation for the  development of speech processing strategies for cochlear implants.  He says that his Macintosh cluster has made a big difference in his research.

Location: DSO National Labs, Singapore
Contact: Nicholas Chia <>
Hardware: 4 dual processor G4/450
Project: Bayesian Signal Processing
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran

Location: American University, Washington, D.C.
Contact: Christian Adam Hresko <>
            Dr. Larry Medsker <>
Hardware: 7 G4/400, PowerPC 7500 w/G3 upgrade, PowerPC 8500/180, 9500/120
Project: Various
Development Environment: Metrowerks C

This cluster is currently under construction in the Physics Department at American University.  The intended use is for Computational Physics, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Hybrid Intelligent systems, Genetic algorithms, Data Analysis, Applied Physics, Multimedia Development and Audio Technology Research and Development.  They hope to add new computers by next semester.

Location: Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA
Contact: Patrick Klein <>
Hardware: 2 G3/300
Project: Science-based Materials Modeling
Development Environment: Metrowerks CW Pro6.0 C/C++

Location: Imperial College, London, England
Contact: Roger Evans <>
Zulfikar Najmudin <>
Hardware: 4 dual processor G4/450
Project: Laser Plasma Interactions
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran

Location: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA
Contact: Alice Koniges <>
Barry Goldman <>
Hardware: 8 dual processor G4/???
Project: Education
Development Environment: ?

Location: Scripps Institute of Oceanography, UCSD, San Diego, CA
Contact: Shyh Chen <>
Hardware: one dual processor G4 and 5 G3s
Project: Global Climate Modeling
Development Environment: Absoft Fortran

If you'd like to be added to this list, please build a cluster, and email us what you've done. And if you can provide a web site about your cluster, we'll set a link to it. See our main web site for information about building your own cluster.

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Update: May 12, 2001