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plasma accelorators and light sorces

     The Purpose of using Particle-in-Cell (PIC) computer models, we are exploring the feasibility of using relativistic plasma waves to accelerate electrons with gradients orders of magnitude higher than current technology provides.  Various schemes being investigated are the Plasma Beat Wave, Laser Wakefield, Self-Modulated Laser Wakefield (Raman forward scattering), and the Particle Beam Wakefield concepts.  Using modern parallel computers we can accurately model the full spatial and temporal scales of several ongoing laser-plasma accelerator experiments.  This work is done in collaboration with the Neptune Lab projects at UCLA.  In addition, we are exploring  the use of plasmas to focus particle beams and to upshift existing sources of radiation.  These new types of radiation sources have unique capabilities in regard to tunability and pulse compression in the GHz to 100THz frequency range.
This work is supported by DOE grants DE-FG03-90ER40727 and DE- FG03-98DP00211, NSF grant DMS-9722121 and LLNL contract W-7405-ENG-48.

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Mutual attraction of laser beams in Plasmas: Braided light sorces
Simulations of E-157
Position wakes and Position acceleration
3-D wake structure
Electron beam hosing
Cerenkos wakes


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100 MeV Beat wave example
Simulation of RAL 100MeV experiment
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