Understanding Science
By Marika Decyk and Jamie Nuwer
UCLA Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
and Marymount High School
Los Angeles, California

Visualization is a process by which complex scientific data can be expressed in images that are easier to understand.  These pages contain information, programs, and images from an exhibit on visualization of concepts from high school physics presented to the UCLA Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, plasma physics group in August 1997.  The scientific data is generated on a UNIX workstation by a Fortran 90 program then exported to an Apple Macintosh.  We used the programs from Fortner Software to produce the visual images.  For each image below, we first explain the concept in words, then with an equation, and finally with a visualization.  The Fortran 90 program which produced each image is also included.

1 Dimensional (1D) Plots of Trajectories
2D Plots of Trajectories
2D Plots of Gravitational Potential
 2D Plots of Gravitational Forces
2D Plots of Dipole Electric Fields

 3D Plots of Electrical or Gravitational Potential
3D Plots of Electrical Forces

We would like to thank Viktor K. Decyk, UCLA Physics Department, for instructing and advising us on this project.  We would also like to thank Joan Slottow, UCLA Office of Academic Computing, for her assistance with IBM Data Explorer.  This work was supported by the National Science Foundation.

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