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  • Use wasd keys to move around and arrow keys to rotate viewpoint. Drag mouse to zoom in/out.

  • XYZ Axes are represented by RGB colors, respectively.

  • Auto Camera: Show FPS:

Trajectories and Field lines:
  • Guiding Center is teal.

  • Lorentz Solution is white.

  • B-field contour lines are purple

Guidelines on E, B inputs:
  • B-field preconfigurations are calculated using Ampere's Law $$\vec{B} = \frac{\mu_0 I}{4 \pi}\int \frac{\vec{ds} \times \hat{r} }{r^2}$$

  • GUI inputs for Magnetic moment and Current are normalized to include $\mu_0/4 \pi $ factor

  • B-field input example function: $\vec{B} = (-y, x, 1)$

  • Constant E only. (grad E support will be added in later)

  • Verify Maxwell's Equations!


WebGL doesnt load in my browser. How do I fix this?
  • WebGL is enabled in most browsers by default (Chrome, IE7, etc.) Avoid using Safari since it disables WebGL by default.

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